Wednesday, April 21, 2021

"Tag, You're Dead" by John Lutz

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, May/June 2021, p. 34-39

Pleased to receive the latest issues of AHMM and EQMM wrapped in protective plastic, I had to read the AHMM cover story first, the final bow for soft-boiled St. Louis P.I. Alo Nudger, author John Lutz having died January 9, aged 81.

"Tag, You're Dead" finds Nudger forced out of his office, the rent tripled. He's commiserating with Danny, who has upscaled his doughnut shop to offset the rent increase, when they witness the discovery of a dead body believed to be that of a famous street artist.

As editor Linda Landrigan mentions in the issue's intro, the story shines laying out elements I only later realized were clues. Rest in peace, Mr. Lutz.

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