Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Christmas in July at Smashwords

Cover ©2015 Untreed Reads Publishing
Cover design by Ginny Glass
In 1996, members of the listserv shortmystery-l renamed it the Short Mystery Fiction Society. Changing hosts with the times, it remains a free discussion promoting the form. Many NBS reviewers are members.

In October 2015, Untreed Reads published the first Society member anthology, Flash and Bang, featuring nineteen original stories. This whole month, the Flash and Bang ebook is part of Smashwords' Christmas in July sale. Normally $4.99, coupon code SSW50 makes it $2.50.

If you prefer a physical book, Untreed Reads president and Society member Jay Hartman adds the paperback and large-print paperback of Flash and Bang are 15% off retail price every day when purchased directly from Untreed.

Hope you enjoy, spread the word, and pave the way for further anthologies.

Monday, February 10, 2020

"Active Shooter" by Jack Bunker

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March/April 2020, p. 86–88

Despite a bullet costing him the power of speech, the narrator conveys by internal monologue he's been mistaken for the active shooter of the title. An unarmed former assistant football coach, he's innocently returned to the school that fired him to pick up his daughter for the weekend. He continues casting himself as the central victim of a compelling noir, but we can't buy his narrative as the whole truth. A few clues show the story isn't all about him.