Sunday, May 25, 2008

"The Drought" by James O. Born

From: The Blue Religion ed. Michael Connelly. Little Brown and Company, 2008.

In a drought of murder cases, Ben Stoltz, a senior Homicide detective with the Broward County Sheriff's office, investigates the case of a young officer who shot a man who'd disarmed him of his ASP expandable baton. Born shows Stoltz to be a man of extreme focus, whose dedication to the job estranges him from his wife and family. Under pressure from a state's attorney to help indict the young officer or face a transfer out of Homicide, will Stoltz compromise or keep his integrity?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Pretty Little Parasite" by David Corbett

From: Las Vegas Noir ed. Jarret Keene & Todd James Pierce. Akashic Books, 2008.

Upon learning she is pregnant, cocaine-addicted casino worker Sam Pitney tries to provide for her child by becoming a low-level coke dealer. Her business succeeds for some time, but unfortunately one of her sources for new clientele brings in an undercover cop, himself an addict. Shifting viewpoints from Sam, to her source, and to the cop, Corbett keeps this sad tale moving.

Friday, May 02, 2008

"My Hero" by Patricia Abbott

From: DZ Allen's Muzzle Flash ed. DZ Allen. August 2007.

Patricia Abbott's Derringer-winning flash story features Superman scooping up an abusive husband before he can choke his wife. Unfortunately the rescue hits a snag, and only The Man of Steel can get up, up, and away.

NBS Special Report: 2008 Derringer Awards

As voted by the Short Mystery Fiction Society:

"My Hero" by Patricia Abbott
Published in DZ Allen's Muzzle Flash

BEST STORY, 1001 to 4000 WORDS:
"In the Shadows of Wrigley Field" by John Weagly
Published in The Back Alley

BEST STORY, 4001 to 8000 WORDS:
"The Gospel According to Gordon Black" by Richard Helms
Published in The Thrilling Detective

BEST STORY, 8001 to 17500 WORDS:
"Paper Walls/Glass Houses" by Eric Shane
Published in The Back Alley

Congratulations to the winners.