Friday, June 20, 2008

Forget Me Never by Terence Faherty

The thing about a Terence Faherty story is that you'll always get an emotional payoff, not just the solution to a puzzle. Of course, the solution is there as well, but the stories always succeed in making you FEEL something too.

In this story (EQMM, June 2008), a reporter for the Star Republic is given a human interest story to follow up. It happens that there are several roadside memorials on different roads throughout town all dedicated to the same young woman - a girl named Maria. Since these memorials normally go up at the spot where the person being memorialized died and Maria can't have died in several different places - the newspaper editor wants to know what's the deal. The reporter does too.

Along the way, the reporter comes across people with their own theories including that Maria is not dead at all but is instead being stalked by someone who wants to make her very afraid. The answer, as you'll see when you read the story, is simpler and more poignant.

As always with a Faherty story, the writing is first class throughout.

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