Monday, October 29, 2007

"No One" by Marcus Sakey

From: Chicago Blues ed. Libby Fischer Hellman. Bleak House Books, 2007.

Reprinted from Thirteen is this confessional from the author of The Blade Itself. The narrator is a shy, depressed college student who at first appears to be emoting to a nonexistent e-mail address about the woman who got away. His voice shifts subtly from regret to anger until readers are hanging, wondering just what the narrator has done and how hard its revelation will hit.


Marcus Sakey said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Gerald! Glad you enjoyed the story. In a slightly different version, it was actually the first piece I had accepted, so it's got a warm spot in my heart. And I'm thrilled to release the story as I originally wrote it--I went back and forth on the version I sent Thirteen, and finally decided I'd made a mistake in changing the ending.

Gerald So said...

You're welcome, Marcus. Great to hear some of the story's background.